Boss Babe Brands is parallel to Boss Babe Digital Lab. Boss Babe Digital Lab is our Etsy shop that is available for those who prefer to use Etsy. Many boss babes discover us on Etsy and become lifelong customers! You can shop at either store and get the same result, the only difference is that customers who buy from the Boss Babe Brands website get unlimited revisions. Boss Babe Brands also offers more products and services than our Etsy shop because we do take holiday and non-selling listings down from the shop. If you loved a listing we had in the Lab and it is no longer there, it is most likely in our shop here.

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You can see my portfolio here on Boss Babe Brands or you can check out my instagram and see my latest creations there.  You can see all animation flyers on my YouTube and I have a portfol

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Yes, there are other costs related to building and maintaining your website that you will be personally responsible for when we begin our project together.

Domain Name – This is your web address and it is a requirement. They run on average about $12 per year depending on where you purchase them.  This is a fee you will need to renew annually, and if you choose to wait till our planning process to purchase your hosting, can come free for the first year if you choose hosting through the hosting company I work with.

Hosting – I tell all my clients this is where your site “lives” online. Hosting can run between $60 to $120 per year and will need to be renewed annually.  I do give my clients the option to get it themselves or to have me set it up for them.  If you choose the hosting company I like to work with, your new domain is free.

Licensing – Depending on the needs of your website, there may be licensing requirements for themes or plugins. Some are a one-time purchase while others may require an annual renewal. I will discuss these with you if it’s determined you need licensing.

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You aren’t alone, this is one of my client’s most common errors and such an easy fix!

I do not accept logos in the .jpg format for premade templates.  I need the transparent.png, layered .psd, .ai, or .esp of your logo.  This allows me to quickly and effortlessly add your logo to my template.  If I have to remove the background, this may be an extra cost.

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We aim to please! We will work with you until you are 100% happy with your design. No revision minimums.

*Boss Babe Digital Lab Customers are limited to 3 revisions per template.

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We have a certain amount of stock model images available to us for projects if you do not have photos for your business as of yet. You can preview our collection anytime here.

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I carefully handpick all of my guest bloggers.  I try and focus the blog post/interview on female entrepreneurs who have paved the way for the rest of us.  Meaning, someone who has something to teach.  If you are also a branding expert, you may do well with my Branding Babe blog.  If you feel you are the right person for this blog, please contact me at erika@ibuildbrands.co to discuss details.

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No, I ship in the USA only.  However, any digital files can be purchased worldwide and I do have plenty of international customers.  All finalized digital files and digital downloads will be received via email.

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